Yakpads Cushioned Seat Pad, Gel Seat Pad for Kayaks, Portable Seat Cushion for Outdoor Watersports and Recreation - Cascade Creek (Highback)

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Brand: Yakpads

Color: Highback


  • FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT IN THE BOAT: This high-backed paddle saddle by Yakpads is designed to offer maximum comfort and lumbar support when you're out on the lake in your kayak. Most kayaks have hard, uncomfortable seats, so when you take along a seat pad by Yakpads with your other kayaking accessories, you know you're getting the very best.
  • FULLY INSULATED AGAINST HOT OR COLD SEATS: These seat pads are gel-filled for full insulation against overly hot or cold seats. Whether you're out for a paddle down the river or lake or racing competitively, these cushions will be there every stroke of the way to ensure that you have a comfortable seat and no seat-related back pain.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR EASY INSTALLATION: These seats are designed with adjustable stabilizer straps so that they can fit easily on any seat. They can even be used outside your boat, canoe, or kayak in other settings, like a sporting event at a stadium, at the office, or in the car for added comfort with its high back.
  • MADE WITH ELASTOMER MATERIALS: The gel in these seats is made of elastomer materials, similar to what is used in bicycle seats which virtually eliminates pressure points.. With its firm yet flexible nature, these seats allow you to move around while rowing. Additionally, the gel won't bunch up like foam and other materials do over time, so you can have continuous comfort for years to come.
  • FOR BOTH MEN & WOMEN: These seats are designed to accommodate everyone, from adult men and women to teens and kids. Regardless of what activity you find yourself doing, whether it's a casual day on the water, fishing, or a more competitive endeavor, you can be sure that all your bases are covered with these gel-filled canoe and kayak seat pads by Yakpads.

Publisher: Yakpads

Details: For water sports enthusiasts and more casual recreationists alike, the Yakpads Paddle Saddle with High Back is an excellent addition to your water gear. The last thing you want after getting back to the shore is back pain from the hard bottom of your kayak. Since most kayaks have uncomfortable seats with little back support, these portable seat cushions are a must-have for long days on the water. Each cushion is filled with specialized elastomer gel. This gel is similar to what is used in bicycle seats for maximum comfort and support. This gel moves as you do, so it won't hinder movement as you row, fish, or adjust your position throughout the day. Unlike other foam cushions, this gel won't become compressed over time, so you can rely on these kayak seat pads to keep you comfortable and to support your back for years to come. Additionally, the gel offers total insulation against hot or cold seats, helping to regulate your temperature and keep you comfortable and cool for hours of aquatic fun. The high-backed paddle saddle seat has fully adjustable straps and non-skid backing, so it fits easily onto seats of any size and won't slide around. These seats are designed to be comfortable for all ages. With its high back, it can even be used outside the boat in a variety of situations, including seating at sporting events, in the car on a long road trip, in the office, or even as a camping or travel pillow in a pinch. These cushioned pads have convenient, wide coverage for all-over comfort.

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Package Dimensions: 16.5 x 13.1 x 2.8 inches