StarBright Cooler Light - A Waterproof, Rechargeable Light for Nighttime Illumination of Your Yeti, ORCA, RTIC, Igloo or Coleman - NO MOUNTING Required - Great for Tailgating, Fishing and Hunting

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Brand: BEAST Cooler Accessories

Color: White


  • 🔦 NO MOUNTING REQUIRED: Turn it on and toss it in! DOES NOT have to be permanently attach to the inside of your cooler like other cooler lights!
  • 🔦 WATERPROOF IN UP TO 6 FEET OF WATER: The Starbright Cooler light is waterproof up to 6 feet and can last up to 48 hours submerged in your cooler on the energy saving setting. Place it in beneath, inside or on top of the ice!
  • 🔦 WHITE LIGHT AND RED LIGHT: Our cooler light will also has two color options: White light and red light. Red light is great if you are fishing, hunting or for any other outdoor activity where you want to maintain your night vision
  • 🔦 RECHARGEABLE, NO BATTERIES REQUIRED: One charge can provide up to 60 hours of white light and up to 31 hours of red light. An LED light indicates the power level and if the lamp needs to be recharged
  • 🔦 LOW MAINTENANCE: The light can be fully recharged in approximately 5 hours. It can be charged from most USB power sources. An LED light indicates the power level and if the lamp needs to be recharged. The cooler light utilizes long life LEDs that are rated for over 36,000 hours of use. PLEASE NOTE: PURCHASE DOES NOT INCLUDE COOLER

Publisher: BEAST Cooler Accessories

Details: How often do you open up a cooler at night and rummage through the ice in search of your favorite beverage? Not fun is it? Wouldn't it be great to have a waterproof light that you could turn on to illuminate your cooler's contents? Well, let us introduce you to the Starbright Cooler Light. It is a waterproof, shockproof and rechargeable light made with durable ABS plastic. The Starbright Cooler Light is an LED light stick that has two brightness modes for white light, as well as a red light options. Constructed with durable ABS body with no glass for shock resistance, it can survive a night in your cooler and be ready for more! Turn it on and throw it in your cooler! Unlike other cooler lights, no mounting with screws or tape is required!

UPC: 715854674368

EAN: 715854674368

Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 2.2 x 1.7 inches