Kayak Keel Guard 5 Feet Black

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Brand: Kayak


  • Dual beveled edges to create a tight seal with the kayak
  • Smooth surface to reduce friction in the water
  • Made from durable material for extra abuse
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Strong adhesive for years of use

Publisher: Kayak

Details: 2" width This is for 5 Feet of Black 2" PereGuard. This is for 5 Feet of Black 2" PereGuard. Just purchased a brand new kayak? Protect it with PereGuard. PereGuard is a easy to use protective guard that can be applied to your kayak in any location that will receive extra wear and tear. This strip is designed for outdoor use and will stand up to the most rigorous of abuse. The strip is easy to apply, and with a little heat can wrap around corners and edges. With heat the strip is also easy to remove.

UPC: 353012524744

EAN: 353012524744