Kayak B20 Waterproof Battery Case Box Boats Fish Finder GPS Lights

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Brand: Kayak


  • Elephant B20-Li Waterproof Battery Case With Foam and Battery installation Kit (Battery not Included)
  • A great solution for keeping your battery dry and safe, protects delicate electronics and avoid damaged batteries and corrosion issues with this battery box made out of a completely waterproof Elephant Case. A marine grade waterproof IP68 2 pin polarized connectors With Fuse , Will power Fish Finder , Led Lights, Bait Aerator pumps, GPS etc..., Comes with one 20 amp Fuse. note: Case connector is waterproof even when the cap is off, Case fits through a Hatch as small as 7" inches, Case will Floa
  • Includes : 1- Output Male Waterproof IP68 Marine Grade 2 pin polarized Electric Connector 3ft long 1- internal harness with Fuse Holder on positive side 1- 20 amp Fuse 1- Battery Holding self adhesive Velcro
  • Int. Dim: 6-1/2" x 5-1/8" x 1-5/8" (LxWxH)
  • Fits Battery Models : CS-12680, DC-12680, DC-1298A, DC-1212A and DC-122000 with factory 5.5-2.1mm Male Pigtail connector

Publisher: Kayak

Details: Material : Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FPR) AKA "HARD PLASTIC" - Floats - Working Temperature : -40 to 194F

UPC: 363523340757

EAN: 363523340757