Booms Fishing MA1 Kayak Rivet Kit Alunimum Tri-Grip with Waterproof Gasket for 3/16" Hole,Grip 1.6"-1/2"

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Brand: Booms Fishing

Color: Rivets, 24 pcs


  • 24 aluminum rivets are with black powder coating and waterproof gaskets, for mounting hardware where you don't have access to the back side of a fastener.
  • Rubber washers should help in making the drilled hole water tight from water that might splash on to the accessory being fastened by these rivets.
  • Deliver superior mounting performance on thin-walled water crafts like Kayaks.
  • Can be used on anything that can be drilled through to an opening to allow the rivet to work.
  • Rivet grip range 1/6"-1/2 ". 3/16" in diameter

Publisher: Booms Fishing


We insist on making fishing easy.

Customize your own unique kayak to how you see fit!
Our pad eye kit is excellent as an attachment point for seats, tie down points for accessory straps,
guides for rudder lines, and many other uses, also can be used on anything that can be drilled through to an opening to allow the rivet to work.

Compared with pop rivets, tri-grip rivets spread wide with three "legs" instead of just a small "head"as usual pop rivets.
When tightened, the aluminum sleeve expands into 3 legs that hold securely and being all aluminum, they will not rust or corrode.
Weather-resistant. Compared with metal pad eyes, nylon pad eye will never rust, thicker and don't have sharp edges as usual metal pad eyes.

Pad eye: Whole length: 1.85" , Hole diameter: 3/16"
Rivet: Whole length:1 1/8. The diameter of the head: 3/8".

You need pad eyes, tri-grip rivets, a rivet gun, a electric drill and a marker.
Make a small mark you are going to install the pad eye and bring in the pad eye as a guide.
Drill the first hole, insert the rivet into one side of the pad eye, making sure that the exposed shaft of the rivet is pointing up.
Insert exposed shaft of the rivet into the nozzle of your rivet gun and push it into the hole,
make sure you have the pad eye position correctly and give the rivet gun a few squeezes,
always keep the muzzle of the rivet gun flush with the top of the pad eye, so that when the excess rivet breaks off you have a smooth surface.
Repeat the process with your second rivet. Bottom silicone sealant recommended, not included.

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Package Dimensions: 8.1 x 5.1 x 0.7 inches