Booms Fishing Heavy-Duty Hand Crimper has Hardened Steel Jaws with 4 Crimping Positions and 2 Hardended Steel Side Cutter

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Brand: Booms Fishing

Color: Crimper,Hardened Steel


  • If you got tired of buying offshore leaders, it's amazing how simple it is to make your own
  • Cup to cup type crimping for use with oval sleeves and double barrel sleeves
  • Handles mono and fluorocarbon from 50lb. to 400lb. test, while wire and cable from 100lb. to 600lb. test
  • Hardened wire cutters will cleanly cut mono,fluorocarbon and cable up to 600lb
  • Made of hardened carbon steel with black oxidation surface, durable and saltwater resistance

Publisher: Booms Fishing


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A portable but heavy-duty crimper is necessary for every fishermen and angler when need to crimp the copper/aluminum sleeve.

Hardened Crimp Jaws:
For crimping the copper and aluminum sleeve stronger in fishing,it requires a hard jaws.
So Booms Fishing CP1 used the high quality carbon steel.For resisting to corrosion.
First of all, the steel has a complete mirror finish.
Secondly,the jaws after black oxidation treatment on the surface form a dense layer of oxide film.

4 Common Crimping Positions+ 2 Hardened Side Cutters:
There are crimping Positions include:
  0.5-0.1mm,    0.1-0.5mm,     1.0-2.0mm,     2.2mm.
In other word,it can crimp the 50-450lb test line/(steel wire and monofilament ).
What’s more,the 2 hardened side cutters which supported by the high quality carbon steel with ability of  cutting wire instant.

Convenient use,Comprehensive Protection:
The handle loaded a spring and the safety lock.With these convenient devices,you can work more easily and conveniently.
At the same time, there are with the hole in the handle and comes with an adjustable hand lanyard.

Package Dimensions: 12.1 x 5.6 x 1.0 inches