BKC UH-PK11 Pedal Drive Solo Rover 10-Foot 6-Inch Solo Kayak Propeller-Driven Sit On Top Single Fishing Kayak with Pedal Drive, Rudder System, Paddle, and Seat Included (Grey Camo)

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Brand: Brooklyn Kayak Company

Color: Grey


  • Brand: Brooklyn kayak Company
  • Pedal Drive System: BKC PK11 kayak moving faster than ever with or without a paddle using the pedal-driven propeller system, or add a trolling motor for easy speed
  • Ergonomic Seating: We want to be on the water as long as we can, so we designed it to be as comfortable as it could be. PK11 is matched perfectly with 2 universal sit in deluxe fully padded & supportive backrest with multiple positioning options
  • Distance Travel Kayak: From its generous cargo capacity to its versatile propulsion options, this vessel was made to move for miles and miles. The single pedal driven system allows the kayak to move faster than ever with or without a paddle using the Included pedal-driven propeller system, or add a trolling motor for effortless cruising
  • Adjustable Ergonomic Seat: The aluminum frame chair with mesh seat and backrest features multiple adjustment points and allows for ideal comfort and control

Publisher: Brooklyn Kayak Company

Details: The Brooklyn Kayak Company BKC PK11 Pedal Drive Solo Rover Kayak is an ideal representation of informed design. It has a plethora of features that an experienced kayak fisherman or distance travelers will love while remaining compact, lightweight, and agile in design. The core of the BKC PK11 sit on top kayak is a streamlined roto-molded UV-protected HDPE hull measuring 10-Foot 6-inches long and 2.8-feet wide. No matter the water condition, it rides currents, slices through chop, and glides over still water with effortless grace. The craft weighs only 60 pounds, so carrying it is as easy as you think thanks to the built-in handles at the bow and stern and on either side of the hull. However it's the pedal drive system in what most cases excites; with bicycle-style pedals turning a high efficiency propeller, allowing you to tuck your paddle into the kayak's paddle keeper and go hands-free. The pedals have adjustable straps to keep your feet secure, and the entire system can be removed for traditional paddling if you prefer or upgraded with a trolling motor for greater power and speed. The Brooklyn Kayak Company BKC PK11 can be controlled via its hand-operated rudder, which allows for sharp, precise turns or slow, wide arcs as conditions merit.It features a large watertight hatch set into the bow and an additional compartment tucked behind the seat, both of which feature dry bag inserts and that can safely stow items such as a wallet, keys, and snacks. The Brooklyn Kayak Company BKC PK11 also has a large rear cargo area with bungee tie-down straps; this area is ideal for bulky items such as a tackle box or dry bag. Scupper holes allow water to drain out of the kayak and can be sealed with included scupper plugs.Fishermen will appreciate the trio flush-mounted rod holders that can keep a rod out of the way during travel or keep lines in the water during trolling, and all paddlers will be thrilled by the comfortable, ergonomic aluminum frame seat that comes with the ka

EAN: 4635871976558

Package Dimensions: 60.0 x 34.0 x 15.0 inches