BerleyPro Fishfinder Visor for Lowrance Elite 5 TI

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Brand: BerleyPro


  • A fishfinder console visor that reduces glare out on the water
  • Allows you to better see your display on sunny days
  • Also offers splash protection for your fish finder
  • Increases battery life (you don't have to turn the brightness as high)
  • Fits Lowrance Elite 5 TI only, this will not fit the regular Elite 5

Publisher: BerleyPro

Details: The Berley Pro fishfinder visors are designed to keep the sun and water off your console screen when your fish finder is in a open water environment. By using a fish finder visor, you can reduce your screen brightness and still see the screen clearly thus prolonging battery life. The visor also reduces cleaning, since it acts as splash protection. This visor can be installed in 5-minutes using 2 included stainless steel fasteners.

EAN: 7425743616296