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welcome to kayakmodify.com

If you love to fish out of a kayak like i do, then you will love this site. i have spent hundreds of hour on the water and i will share some of my secrets that I have learned by trail and error. save this site, I will be adding information on how to catch fish just about any time you get on the water. understanding how the fish move in the bay is one of the best lessons that I learned on helping me catch fish any time I get on the water. stay tune for more blogs and information as time goes on.

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Catching trout in the bay

 Did you know that trout hang right above the grass from 10:00-4:00pm when the sun is bright, the brighter the sun is the deeper in the grass they go, that's why it is very important to let your bait hit the grass bottom to trigger a strike. the best water depth to find trout is 4-5 feet of water with grass, trout love grass, the big gator trout feed in1-2 feet of water when the sun goes down, at night or crack of dawn I have caught big trout in 1/2 of foot of water all most on the bank.

My best baits for trout

Number one would be small pin fish on a popping cork. you don't want your pin fish over 2 inch's.

Number two would be gulp shrimp- new penny color on a jig head, the deeper you are fishing the bigger the weight.

Number three would be a top water popper, 3-4 inch, water temperature must be above 70 degrees for good action

Below is the baits I use.

Tyndall bay in Panama city

This is a one area, that I have caught hundreds of fish all around the point and both sides, if it's trout you want, make sure you stay in 4-5 ft of water. I give you a little secret, Trout will never cross the bay once they enter the bay, they will stay on the side that they came in on and work there way around until they find convert and food. 90 percent of the time a trout live it's life in 2-6 ft of water in grassy area's, bad weather will send them deeper in the grass and in com weather they will roam around for food. I have caught 26inch gator trout in 1 ft of water just before day brake on a 3" popper.

A little bit about wind and current

Instead of me just talking about it, i am going to show you with fishing maps so you will get a better understanding , if hang around with me for a few months you will learn all that I learned in 2 years of fishing every day in a kayak.

wind and current in bay

wind and current

fishing in wind and current can pay off if you know how to read what is happening to the fish movement, over the next few months I will try and teach you all that I have learned, when you fish every day for 2 years and keep good notes, you start to understand how fish move from weather patterns to current patterns, and how to read what's happening to the fish bite.

Large flats for trout

catching fish is not hard, you must understand what the fish need for living and the conditions must meet there needs or they will keep moving until they find a conferrable area that they can have protection and food.

My video on how I use the mirror minnow

very important you where protection in the sun

 I have seen many fisherman, after years in the sun fishing not realizing the sun was damaging there skin and it's not worth getting skin cancer, just protect your self. use arm sleeves and light weight hats, or maybe throw a large beach towel over your legs. you will find the ones I use in the catalog, or just fine in search box.

Here is a good video on the different type of rod holders

This video will show you how to install just about anything on your kayak

It' time to take a break and watch a good pontoon video.

10 foot wilderness tarpon 100

Here is a sweet little 10ft kayak that I love to fish out of, I bought it used on craiglist for 450.00 and dressed it up for about 200 more, it a lot easier to take out for a 3-4 hr. fishing trip then my hobie pro 14. I will post some more photo of this kayak.